ISE Electrolyte Analyzer

ISE Electrolyte Analyzer

Single pump pipe(high quality materials) mode to reduce the fault point. Independent sampling turntable as optional function part, fully-auto or semi-auto can be switched on machine system. Friendly operation system, Large LCD shows full testing info.

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Product Details

Product Introduction  

ISE Electrolyte Analyzer plays multiple roles in the maintenance of body functions such as sustaining proper body Ph, regulating function of the heart and other muscles, and participating in enzymatic functions. Electrolytic imbalances can result in congestive heart failure, diabetes insipidus, and kidney diseases. For these reasons electrolytic analysis is a key factor in patient diagnosis and treatment. ISE Electrolyte analyzers measure electrolytes in serum, plasma and urine. Major components of an electrolyte analyzer are – reagents, electrode module, peristaltic pump, and sample probe. Automated systems feature comprehensive test menu, a high throughput as well as STAT testing.

Technical Parameters


Test Method

ISE direct method

Test Items


Test Time  


Sample Volume


Sample Types

Serum, Plasma, Whole blood, Ncurolymph & Diluted urine

Date Output

Built-in thermal printer, RS-232 port

Working Condition

Temperature 15~30℃, Humidity ≤85%

Power Supply

AC 220V±20%  50Hz  ≤35W


415 x 265 x 430mm (L*W*H)

Net Weight


Gross Weight


Optional Items

Automatic Sampling Turntable

20 sample positions and 1 ST position

3 Parameters


5 Parameters


6 Parameters


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ISE electrolyte analyzer

ISE electrolyte analyzer

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ISE electrolyte analyzer

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ISE electrolyte analyzer

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ISE electrolyte analyzer

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ISE electrolyte analyzer

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ISE electrolyte analyzer

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