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Electrolyte Analyzer Operation Method
- Sep 04, 2018 -

Electrolyte analyzers are used to measure the amount of electrolyte in whole blood, plasma, serum, and urine samples. The electrolyte is in a cationic or anionic state in the body fluid. Although electrolyte can be used to refer to any salt dissolved in water, in the medical field, it refers to the four main electrolytes, namely sodium (Na+, potassium (K+), chlorine (Cl-) and bicarbonate (HCO3-). ).

Method of operation

1. The instrument is turned on and enters the system self-test to detect whether the functions of the main components are normal, such as: instrument main board, printer, liquid path detection (completed by liquid checker), distribution valve and valve checker, etc., which can intelligently identify and judge faults, automatically prompt.

2. Enter the activation electrode program, with electrode activation timing function, accurately grasp the activation time to improve the electrode life and ensure electrode stability. The time is 30 minutes countdown, you can press the NO button to exit the activation electrode program directly.

3. Enter the main menu, first perform system calibration, you can automatically select the base point and slope calibration (you can also choose to exit the uncalibrated, convenient maintenance and repair, but can not directly test the serum specimen)

4. Select quality control analysis. After more than 5 quality control tests, the quality control report can be automatically generated and printed, and the average value, standard deviation and coefficient of variation of the quality control times can be calculated.

5. Intelligent liquid detection program ensures accurate injection and measurement, automatic measurement process, convenient guide, 24-hour standby, automatic maintenance in standby mode, automatic positive and negative flushing function, short liquid path, unique positive Backwash automatically calibrates and flushes piping to eliminate cross-contamination and line blockage.

6.30 hole automatic sample introduction system, with quality control M hole position and waste liquid hole position W position. 30 specimens can be tested at a time.

7. Automatic printing, manual printing optional, saving paper. Report form: The patient comprehensive information report can set the normal range value of the human body and print.

8. Adopt American wellhead compression type power pump tube to increase the service life of pump tube.

9. Test samples: whole blood, serum, plasma, urine, body fluids, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, animal serum, etc.

10. Measurement method: ion selective electrode (ISE) direct method.

11. Test items: K+, Na+, Cl-, Ca++, PH, CO2

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