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Kinghawk SMAR-I Auto Hematology Analyzer
- Nov 14, 2018 -

Kinghawk SMAR-I Auto Hematology Analyzer

SMART-I auto hematology analyzer is suitable for clinical testing and analysis on blood cells. It can measure 20 parameters at the same time, while also providing WBC, RBC, PLT histograms. It provides quick count by inserting the injection needle into the whole blood samples. When press Count key, data and results can be displayed in the LCD screen, then user can print out all results by the internal printer. The instrument is smart, user-friendly and easy to operate.


Easy operation

High precision and good repeatability

LCD screen

Large 10.4’ LCD; can display measurement results and histograms clearly.

Automatic self-test

Open the instrument, the pipe will be filled with liquid automatically, the instrument will carry out one time self-test.

Built-in quality control procedures

Data storage and read features

The instrument can save no less than 10,000 sample results and sample histograms. The user can easily and fast query , backup and print the saved data.

Automatically absorb the solution and clean the instrument

Results Calibration

The instrument has the functions of automatic calibration and manual calibration. The user can calibrate the instrument according to his need to ensure the accuracy of measurements.

Automatically clean the sample pipe

The instrument will clean the residual blood on the top of the sample pipe automatically. The operator doesn’t need to contact the blood samples.

Automatically exclude jammed hole

Automatically handle the waste liquid


Linear range                                               Linearity error

WBC1.0×109/L~10.0×109/L               ≤ ±0.5×109/L    

           10.1×109/L~65×109/L              ≤±5%  

RBC: 0.30×1012/L~1.00×1012/L          ≤±0.05×1012/ L

       1.0×1012/L 7.00×1012/L        ≤±5%

HGB:20 g/L~70 g/L                                 ≤ ±2g/L     

           71 g/L240 g/L                       ≤ ±3% 

PLT: 20×109/L~100×109/L                     ≤±10×109/L

101×109/L ~750×109/L                ≤ ±10%