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Semi Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer
- Sep 04, 2018 -

The semi-automatic biochemical analyzer is a medical clinical measurement of various components in human blood and urine, and quantitative biochemical analysis results, providing a reliable digital basis for clinical diagnosis of various diseases of patients, and is a routine routine testing equipment for clinical use. Applicable to hospitals at all levels.


Automated biochemical analyzers have a variety of classification methods, the most common being the classification according to the structure of their reaction devices. Click here

Semi-automatic biochemical analyzer

The method can divide the automatic biochemical analyzer into two categories: mobile and discrete.

The so-called flow type automatic biochemical analyzer refers to the completion of the chemical reaction of the samples to be tested and the reagents mixed in the same pipeline. This is the first generation of automatic biochemical analyzer. The biochemical analyzer that used to say how many channels in the past refers to this category. There are more serious cross-contaminations, and the results are not accurate and have been eliminated.

The main difference between the discrete automatic biochemical analyzer and the flow type is that the chemical reaction between each sample to be tested and the reagent mixture is completed in the respective reaction vessels, and it is not easy to appear poor pollution, and the result is reliable.