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Urine Analyzer
- Sep 04, 2018 -

Urine analyzer is an automatic instrument for measuring certain chemical components in urine. It is an important tool for automated laboratory urine testing. This instrument has the advantages of simple operation and quick operation. However, improper use of urine analyzers and many intermediate links and influencing factors directly affect the accuracy of automated analysis results, which not only causes errors in experimental results, but also delays diagnosis, thus requiring operators to understand the principles, performance, and precautions of automated instruments. The knowledge of the influencing factors and other aspects are fully understood, and the automated instruments are used correctly, so that the results obtained by the urine analyzer can be more reliable and accurate.


In the 1950s, a single dry chemical test strip method was used to measure protein and glucose in urine. The color change of the test strip was visually compared with the standard plate to obtain the corresponding value. In the 1980s, due to the high development and extensive use of computer technology, the automatic analyzer for urine was also rapidly developed, gradually developing from the original semi-automation to full automation. Urine analyzers are often divided into two categories according to the test items: 1 8-11 screening combined urine test strips mainly used for newly diagnosed patients and health checkups. Eight test items included protein, glucose, PH, ketone body, bilirubin, urobilinogen, red blood cells (occult blood) and nitrosamine salts; nine test items increased urine white blood cell examination in addition to the above eight tests. Based on 9 items of 10 urine analyzer test items, the urine specific density test was added. 11 test items were added to the vitamin C test. 2 Mainly used for the observation of the efficacy of diagnosed diseases, such as renal disease, PH, protein, occult blood (red blood cell) combination test strip; diabetes with PH, sugar, ketone body test strip; liver disease patients with bilirubin, urinary biliary combination Try it.