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Urine Analyzer Introduction
- Jan 08, 2019 -

Urine analyzer introduction


Generally controlled by a microcomputer, the color change of the test strip is measured semi-quantitatively by a spherical integrator receiving double wavelength reflected light.Reagent with several reagent containing various reagents pads, each independent reaction with corresponding composition in the urine, and show different color, the color of the relationship between depth and regime of certain substances in the urine, reagent in the belt there is another "compensation", as the urine background color, the change to the Lord on the colored urine and instrument error compensation.Brought adsorption with urine reagent on the instrument groove, and they have been placed chemical reagent on reaction of various reagents was light irradiation, the reflected light is spherical integrator, spherical integrator photocell is the reflection of the dual wavelength light (through the determination of filter and a bunch of reference light) irradiation, the choice of the wavelength is decided by the test items.The instrument automatically calculates the reflectivity according to the following formula, and then compares it with the standard curve to automatically find the corresponding results of various components. The content of a certain component in the urine is high, and the reflected light of the corresponding reagent pad is dark, otherwise it is strong.

(1) according to the working mode, it can be divided into wet urine analyzer and dry urine analyzer.Among them, the dry urine analyzer is mainly used to automatically evaluate the results of the dry test paper method.

(2) according to the classification of test items, it can be divided into 8 urine analyzer, 9 urine analyzer, 10 urine analyzer, 11 urine analyzer, 12 urine analyzer, 13 urine analyzer and 14 urine analyzer.The test items include urine protein, urine glucose, urine pH, urine ketone body, urine bilirubin, urinogen, urine occlusive blood, nitrite, urine white blood cells, urine specific gravity, vitamin C and turbidity.

(3) according to the degree of automation, it can be divided into semi-automatic urine analyzer and automatic urine analyzer.