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China Kinghawk SMART I Auto Hematology Analyzer Maintenance
- Jan 09, 2019 -

SMART I Auto Hematology Analyzer Maintenance

One of the main factors of ensuring the accurate and reliable measured results is to maintain the instrument carefully. As long as the operators have a clear maintenance plan, the frequency of automatic maintenance will be reduced to the minimum.

1. Startup Cycle and Turn Off Cycle

2. Back Flush

3. Concentrate Cleaning

There are two methods of concentration cleaning: manual and automatic

Automatic concentration cleaning:

Manual Concentrate Cleanning:

4. External Cleaning

Because the instrument is in the biotic environment, It is necessary to clean and sterilize the outside surface.

Please note that do not spill the liquid on the instrument.

◆Do not use the disinfectant containing the alcohol.

◆Do not use solvent or corrosive substances.

◆As soon as possible to erasure the small amount of blood

◆Before cleaning the surface of the instrument, be sure to turn off the main power supply. You must ensure that the instrument is full dry before turning on the power supply again. Wipe the contaminated surface with a sponge dipped in a small amount of disinfectant. Also use the same method to wipe the stainless steel contaminated surface, and then keep dry with a soft cloth.


Products with the following microbiological characteristic:

--- Sterilization

--- Fungicide

---Anti-Aspergillus fumigatus

---Antituberculotic mycobacterium (B.K)

---Antivirus (VIH, HBV and Rotavirus)